Alminuim Welding

Every alminuim alloy rim requires efftective attention of a qualified tecnician if the alloy rim is cracked or damaged . Every damaged allo...


CNC Diamond Cut

Every diamond cut alloy rim finish got diffrent styles of finishes, that is why every rim is scanned and program to your rim requi...


Powder coating

First inspect the damage on the rim , strip the old paint of or sandblast the old paint and remove the rust of the alminuim or st...


Wheel straigtening

Hitting a pothole, uneven road surfaces and pavements can cause damage on your inner and/outer lip of your wheel. If left this can...


Full Refurbishing/ Customizing

Complete wheel refinishing to alloy wheels that are scratched,scraped to pavements or paint are faded and needs attention.


Safe Repairs

Not all Wheels should be repaired. Remag Wheels inspect every rim and use techniques are used to qualify all wheel surfaces before...

Safety Through Testing

Re-mag Wheels are comitted to meet the safety criteria. Damaged alloy rim are checked with our technician
before we book the alloy rim in. Once we tested and checked, we proceed with the repair of the damaged rim. However sometimes
the rim needs more attention, we call first before we proceed with extra services if the rim requires more attention.

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