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Wheel Straightening

Hitting a Pothole is Problem:

Hitting a pothole, or damaged your alloy rims on a uneven road surfaces and pavements can cause serious damage on your inner and/outer lip of your alloy wheels. If left unrepaired  can cause serious damage to the lifetime on your alloy rims and tires and even left you with Flat tyres 

Re-Mag Wheels Solution:

Re-mag Wheels use the latest techniques that is Safe and Effective on Alloy Rim Repairs that is our secret  pantented wheel straightening system that is specially designed for Remag Wheels. If the rim is buckled/dented , we use qualified technicians to inspect the damage and assist on repairing your alminuim rim. We offer you the option to bring your vehicle in for a free check!! We assess the damages on your alloy rim and unbend your damaged alloy rim assuring that we bring it back  to manifacturee specifications.Alternative we can supply loan rims to make the vehicle mobile in the meantimw while yours is been taken care off.