Remag Wheels Mag Repairs Shop

264 Steve Biko Road, Pretoria, South Africa


+27(0)12 329 1477

Mobile: 061 460 7024

Full Refurbishing/ Customizing

Remag Wheels Repair Centre provides a professional repair services.

How we do it.

Complete wheel refinishing to alloy wheels  that are scratched,scraped to pavements or paint are faded and needs attention.

1.     First, we inspect the damage on your rim

2.     If there is no damage, we strip the old paint of completely to the bare alminuim.

3.     Now rims are ready for new primers, paint  and clear coat..

4.     Baking on the new paints are assential, and we have to follow the correct procuders. That is why we need to make a booking, or we can supply loan rims while yours been taken care of.

5.     Endless color choices.

Gloss black

Matt black

Saturn black

Hyper silver


Gun metal Grey


Customising color

Vehicle color matching(manifacture color)